Employment Opportunities at Midwest Physical Therapy Services

Our employees are motivated, energetic individuals who strive to do their best.

Current Openings
Physical Therapist Assistant (Part-Time):
A minimum of at least 1-3 years experience or currently working in Physical Therapy field. Assists in providing appropriate aspects of quality patient care under the supervision of licensed therapists. Communicates well with patient, families and other clinical staff of treatment. Provides timely written documentation as required by insurance provider to meet licensing, certification, regulatory, reimbursement requirements and physician treatment plan. Reports any changes in patient status or needs to supervising therapist on a timely basis. Maintains valid licensure, certification or equivalent as requested by appropriate state agency. Has a desire to be in the pelvic health field.
PT Technician (Part Time):

Duties of a PT Tech 

The following is a list of all the things you as a tech are responsible for in this clinic.  As you can see, the techs are very important in the general running and up-keep of the clinic.  Please become familiar with this list and if something is not covered adequately, be sure to ask about it. You will be required to be able to perform all of the duties on this list!


  • Laundry – washing and folding
  • Intake paperwork for new patients
  • Organizing patient information in the computer
  • Stocking treatment rooms, laundry, brochures, etc.
  • Calling patients for missed appointments, confirmation phone calls ;( initial appointment book!)
  • Answer phones/ make appointments as needed
  • Fill hydrocollator as needed
  • Take out trash
  • Keep work area clean and neat
  • Clean sink and counter top, etc.
  • Pull patient flow sheets as needed for your shift
  • Turn off heaters/fans/xmas tree lights


  • Clean and disinfect ultrasound head
  • Change laundry in treatment rooms
  • Wipe: lotion, gel, etc. from equipment
  • Clean biofeedback wires and dispose of used electrodes.


  • Clean and disinfect treatment tables
  • Water plants
  • Recycling
  • Check exercise and evaluation form files, copy more if needed
  • Vacuum office 2/week


  • Washing of blankets and pillows
  • Clean hydrocollator

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