Postural Restoration (PR)

The human body is not symmetrical. I think we notice this when we put onmakeup, get our clothing tailored, or wear the same size shoe but one foot slides around a little more than the other. The truth is none of our systems (muscular, respiratory, circulatory, visual, or neurological) are perfectly the same left to right or front to back or top to bottom. Our heart is on the left above the diaphragm, the liver on the right below it. Our left brain controls both language and the right side our body which is why more people gesture and communicate with the right arm more than left. The fact that we operate daily despite these imbalances is amazing and because the brain is constantly communicating left verse right side of the body it keeps us more mobile and moving forward.

However, sometimes these imbalance get too far out of alignment (overuse or injury) and causes discomfort, pain, and disability. Postural restoration works to restore pain free motion through multipart 3-D exercises to restore muscle and bone symmetry so your body can work in a more equalized pattern. PRI is very effective at treating common back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and more complex nerve tension related injuries like sciatica or brachial plexus strains. It is especially helpful for expecting mothers to put the pelvic in a neutral position prior to birth for best birthing outcomes or improve tension for pelvic pain and prolapse. It is an excellent option for those that have had prior failure of treatments, including less than optimal physical therapy success.

Our team at MPTS have undergone specialized training for postural assessments and treatments using the Postural Restoration Institute method that is unique to standard assessments performed by physical therapists. Interested in finding out more? Contact us by phone and we would love to discuss appropriateness for your condition.