From local physicians:

I love your services and talk you up to all my patients. I’ve seen results I would not have anticipated, so keep up the great work! Thanks!

From our patients:


Excellent results.  Staff is professional and caring.  Would highly recommend their services to my family and friends.  I made a good choice choosing them for my medical needs.

Alexandra Janca

Life is full of stressors. There’s a lot we can’t control, but the things we can — we sure should try! I’ve dealt with stress and with stress comes tensed muscles and with that I’m out of alignment! I’ve always had issues that seemed so embarrassing, but a lot of people deal with. Being able to use the restroom, the frequency, being able to go and feel like there’s actually nothing left. Once I healed my stomach from these complications, I thought that it was just going to be a normal part of my life. My GI doctor assured me that Midwest Physical Therapy Services would be able to help. Dr. Stigall has done so much to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I never feel like I don’t know what to do next. She’s always prepared with such a sweet and supportive demeanor. She’s worked with me diligently, always making sure I’m doing everything perfectly. Even after a couple of months, things have been much easier. I’ve learned how to relax my abs and rely more on my hamstrings! Going to the bathroom doesn’t take 30 minutes now, more like 4 and I don’t get the anxiety of trying to always know where the next bathroom is. I’m so happy to be taken care of my MPTS!

“Becoming a mother was one of the most treasured experiences I’ve had In my life. I wasn’t really prepared, though for how physically difficult the recovery process would be. I’m an active person and my Injuries were making It difficult to exercise or even do normal activities around the house. Physical therapy helped me recover from my Injuries, which I was worried I would suffer for the rest of my life. I’m very happy that my pain Is gone and to be able to fully enjoy my life with my family.”

I was recommended for pelvic floor physical therapy by my doctor due to a lifting injury. I had lifted too heavy nine months back. Laura’s expertise and teaching was incredibly helpful. We began with basic breathing practice at first. As I progressed, we began to go over basic squats and how it impacts the pelvic floor. Laura’s care plan for me was incredible. It helped to heal my pelvic floor as I also learned so much.


When I first visited MPTS, I was very nervous and apprehensive that it could help me and was also embarrassed. After meeting Justine and visiting with her about my issues, I felt completely at ease with her. She has a very good way of making you feel “normal” and at ease. At first, I had no idea how to do any of the pelvic floor strengthening exercises but with guidance, I was able to master them. They have changed my life! I no longer worry about going out and looking for a restroom. I truly do feel “normal”. I highly recommend Midwest Physical Therapy Services and especially recommend Justine. She is the best – a true professional! She makes you feel totally at ease at a time in your life when you most need it. I feel that what I have learned from her, I have the tools to lead a good life.

In general, I was not a fan of physical therapy when my surgeon referred me to Midwest Physical Therapy. However, the discomfort of numbness in my right thigh as a result of my leg falling aslepp during surgery made me reconsider seeking treatment. I also suffered from chronic sciatica that was keeping me from sleeping, walking, and every day activities.

From the initial appointment, I was very impressed with the thorough assessment and treatment plan Cheryl designed specifically for me. Kareena was assigned to provide my physical therapy and has worked on me with astounding results! I have had consistent, continual healing success due to the personalized strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as a technique called “cupping” for improved circulation easing my tight muscles. The laser therapy, which relieves pain, promotes healing and decreases inflammation, has also been effective.

I am deeply grateful to Kareena and Midwest Physical Therapy for the unexpected healing I have encountered through my therapy. Needless to say, I am now a passionate believer of physical therapy and Midwest Physical Therapy!

Kareena and Jerrine

With each appointment at Midwest Physical Therapy, I know that I will be treated with respect and dignity. My treatment plan is designed for me by a knowledgeable and competent therapist. I appreciate the medical personal holding me responsible in doing my home exercise. We have a partnership to make me “better” than when I walked in for my first appointment.
I’ve had a great experience here! I had a mastectomy and went through reconstruction surgery, Cheryl & Sara made me feel very comfortable! Everyone here is very nice/understanding of your needs. Definitely a thumbs up!
Having received PT many times for many reasons, I was certain that coming for “pelvic floor dysfunction” would be horrible & couldn’t imagine that it would help. I also suffer from chronic pancreatitis and can be difficult to schedule due to illness. MPTS changed my entire outlook with their caring expertise, their professional yet personal approach and understanding. I am now more positive & have hope for a better future. Thank you!!
Britnee stretching arm
I really appreciate the friendly and encouraging atmosphere at Midwest Physical Therapy. The staff’s knowledge & expertise give me confidence in my ability to heal and improve. I highly recommend them to anyone & everyone who needs any kind of PT.
Midwest Physical Therapy Rocks! The pain in my hip and leg has decreased dramatically- I feel like I have my life back again! Thanks!
I SO appreciate your staff’s understanding and flexibility with my frequent cancellations and rescheduling due to symptoms secondary to my current chemo treatment.
I didn’t know what to expect when I made the appointment, but I was satisfied with my treatment. Thank you!
This being my first visit to a Physical Therapy Center I Found:

This is an awesome clinic. The treatment here was beyond my expectations. Cheryl Wisinski was absolutely the greatest-she was so kind and explained everything our first meeting- her knowledge of physical therapy blew me away- she is one awesome lady! The personnel on all levels was totally awesome. I am always greeted so wonderfully well. Everything was handled so efficiently. Everyone there is so knowledgeable of what is going on. They all are so well informed. There was wonderful; privacy, comfort and it is so clean. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone that is in need of its type if services- I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

The entire staff is extremely caring, friendly, and competent. I would recommend them highly.
I am here for a chronic problem. My goal is to figure out how to manage it and I think that is happening.
PT with patient
I want to thank you for your help after my mastectomy. There is not a doubt in my mind that without your very special help and that of your staff I would not have the full movement of my arm without pain. I do not have enough words as a way to express how grateful I am to you. I can assure you that if a time comes I need your special kind of help I will be call you.