Frequently Asked Questions

I am moving and would like to continue my physical therapy services, is there an easy way to find another PT? 

We’re sorry to lose you but happy to help! If you live outside Omaha and want a PT in your area, click HERE.

Do you take insurance?

Yes! Please see our Patient Info tab and click on New Patient Info. All of our accepted insurances are listed on that page. If your insurance is out of network, there may be benefits for that as well and it is best to check with your insurance on what that entails. 

What if you do not take my insurance?

We do offer a self-pay option of $140 per 45-minute session. We’d be happy to help you! 

How long are the treatment sessions? 

Our treatment sessions are 45 minutes long and spend 1-on-1 time directly with your therapist or therapist assistant. Please see our Patient Info tab and click on New Patient Info for more details on what to expect at your first visit and beyond.

If I am coming for pelvic floor therapy, is internal work necessary?

No! We value our patient’s being in control of their therapy services here and your comfort is always our top priority. We have the option of using some other external tools such as the Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging Machine and surface EMG biofeedback to allow us to see what is happening with your core and pelvic floor. Again, we value your comfort and control, so all of our tools and services are optional. 

Do you perform dry needling services? 

Yes! We have multiple therapists  who are certified to dry needle and would love to see you!

Do you treat children? 

Yes! We treat pediatric patients for a variety of symptoms such as bedwetting, constipation, incontinence, and so on. 

Do you treat men for pelvic floor therapy?

Yes! See our Services tab and select What We Treat and Specialized Services to find more information.