What to Expect

All visits are by appointment.

At your first visit to Midwest Physical Therapy Services (MPTS), the physical therapist will sit down with you and discuss your concerns, and goals. Our therapists will go over your medical history and lifestyle to determine if there are any other contributing factors that may be related to your concern and consider your goals. The therapist will then perform a physical assessment followed by suggestions for exercises to begin working on immediately to decrease pain and improve function. You will also be provided with precautions/restrictions and suggestions of changes you can make in your environment for relief.

As each patient is unique, all programs are individualized, both in type of treatment needed, and amount/frequency of visits. This will be discussed on your first visit and you will be asked to participate in a plan for your recovery. Upon your return, our compassionate team will work closely to provide you with one on one attention. You will have the same team of PT/PTA overseeing your treatment and advancing your program throughout your course of treatment and your satisfaction with your program is our priority.

MPTS works closely with all components of your healthcare, including your Physicians, Nurses, Therapists, equipment providers, and counselors to provide a comprehensive and coordinated service.

As a patient at MPTS, expect your care to be comprehensive. Regardless of your initial injury/concern, we address total body health and promote optimal wellness. With all of the patients we see, we are always considering conditions such as osteoporosis prevention, maximizing cardiovascular health, improving posture, balance, and coordination, and reducing risks of additional disease processes such as diabetes, stroke, edema, and fractures.

We will take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. We believe we can help you meet your goals and look forward to hearing from you!