Franklin Method

The Franklin Method incorporates the use of dynamic imagery for strength, flexibility, and alignment.

Mental imagery (the disciplined use of the content of your mind to influence/improve your experience/skill in any area) is a practical tool used to release tension and pain and increase flexibility and ease of movement in all areas of the body. Mental imagery is a safe and effective intervention that can be used at any age and for any population. Its major tool is our brain, which, fortunately, most of us have with us 24/7!

Dr. Wisinski has attended training sessions in the Franklin Method in San Deigo, CA and incorporates these concepts into her daily education/instruction with her patients. Patients are empowered with self-help techniques and ways to increase effectiveness of their home exercise routine. In addition to enhancing exercise outcomes, imagery is instructed for use of stress reduction and relaxation. Dr. Wisinski hopes to continue attending advanced training in this area as she is a strong believer in its effectiveness.