Fulcrum Bodywork and Fitness

Tyson Dimmitt, AOS
Liscened Massage Therapist
Certified in Sports & Orthopedic Massage

A practitioner in the field of hands-on healing for over 18 years, Tyson’s practice has evolved into a hybrid of manual and movement therapy. His fusion of modalities stimulates the body’s innate capacity for vitality and healing by freeing painful physical restrictions, restoring mobility, improving structural balance and encouraging the body to function as a whole. Tyson has previous training in Osteopathy, functional strength and kettlebell training. He is experienced working with a broad spectrum of disciplines to enhance his treatment plans such as traditional, modern dance, gymnastics, yoga, Brazilian Jujitsu, Tai Chi.

Tyson loves to work with individuals who are interested in learning tools to utilize their body’s potential and who are wanting to take responsibility for their health and wellness. Whether an athlete seeking to optimize their performance on the field or in the gym, or someone looking to compliment their conventional health care plans, Tyson would be honored to lend his guidance.

Outside of his passion for the healing arts, Tyson is a devoted father and avid outdoorsman. He renews his spirit spending time with his family and having adventures in nature.

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